This is gonna be a little hard for me to type up, so I apologize for any errors.. This isn’t easy.

I almost lost my brother to depression on Thursday, 9/11/2014.

I’ve seen many reactions to this news, and it’s shocking how many people will right away bring up how hard can a 14 year old boys life be?

Do you remember being 14? It’s scary starting high school! The pressure your peers will put on you to try new things, the pressure your parents will put on you to achieve great things and the pressure you put on yourself to make all the right choices and to impress everyone! It can be extremely overwhelming!  
I imagine puberty and hormones play a huge part in the overwhelming and stressful experience that it is to be a young teen.

Of course other things do play a part, but the point is.. 

My brother is in the IB program in school, he’s one of the best players on his baseball team, and was in the process of try outs for his schools team. We have 2 younger siblings who he loves, plays with, and teaches them like any older brother would! my parents are together, happy, and extremely supportive of everything he does, and like any other parents, they push him to achieve! though, I don’t live with my parents anymore, I make it a point to visit and see my siblings as often as possible! My brother has always known that if he needed someone to talk to, I was here for him and that I wouldn’t judge him, or put him down in his time of need. I struggled with similar thoughts when I was his age, due to probably the same stressors (school, family, girls, GROWING UP IN GENERAL) he was very aware of this!

I’m starting to lose focus but the point is..
This can happen to anyone.
There was no warning, there was no call for help, there was nothing that could have let us know this was gonna happen!
This is our reality, this is something we are all gonna have to live with for the rest of our lives.

Almost. is the key word..

I saved his life when it mattered most.

He is still currently fighting for his life in ICU though, and he needs all of the love and support he can get, as does the rest of my family! 

I just want to hold my brother one last time..




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